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With this $500.00 Gift Card, you automatically qualify for the Platinum Fidelity Program .

● By becoming a Platinum Fidelity Member you’ll receive:

10 extra Gift Cards of $10 each for a total of $100 of free money that you'll be able to spend on any departments.

● The platinum fidelity program will also give you an additional 10% discount applicable on all the inventory

for 1 (one) full year - Even on liquidation & new arrivals!

● Finally, we will give under your name, a $25 donation to the Blings & Pink - fund raising collection that is supporting women's in our community that are struggling with breast cancer. And on top of that, your name will be mention on the upcoming issue of the Atlantic Avenue magazine as one of the Great Donators!

What are you waiting for... Take advantage of this exceptional offer Right Now!

Platinum Fidelity Program
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